emmy the great

I juste made Emmy the great's  album cover. Its due to be out in February, its called first love and its amazing(the music as well as the cover) Check her music at 




haven't done anything here for ages, had been doing an animation with illustrators Lauren and Niki, stills needs editing, buts its pretty fun.


One, Two, three stories to tell kids and you.

An animation I made last summer about stories and little lies to tell kids.

Doodley do

 sketchbook doodling.
Someone is trying to break into our building as the scaffolding alarm has nicely being switching itslef on  for the last hour. it's NOT stopping. doesn't looks like it's going to. it's 3 A.M.

 Deaf mugger let us sleep

my grandmother's teeth do fascinate me

the face

In a fantastic low resolution for quick uploading on my low internetting


sketch my book

Drawing's , sketches and collages from two sketchbooks .



"face" made of bendable wire.

3 collages taken from sketchbooks.


madhouse collective

For some reason it won't come out as designed: with a clear black background, but with this horrible brownesque finish. use your imagination...

Flyers I did for the next madhouse collective night. I am also c0-taking care of the line-up, it should be fun. 2 bands and a solo accoustic set .

drive in saturday

Those are for a project about "conflict":2 double page spreads made with cello tape, drawing and collage.


friday 31st

I made this for a one day project about types and opposites. this is the "yeah man"type.
you can't really see with the scan but it's made with bendable wire.



This is 2 poster illustrations I made for a project about quotes. 
"so many men, so many opinions, everyone has his own fancy" from Terence, the play writer.
click on the image for a bigger/more fantastic version.