madhouse collective

For some reason it won't come out as designed: with a clear black background, but with this horrible brownesque finish. use your imagination...

Flyers I did for the next madhouse collective night. I am also c0-taking care of the line-up, it should be fun. 2 bands and a solo accoustic set .

drive in saturday

Those are for a project about "conflict":2 double page spreads made with cello tape, drawing and collage.


friday 31st

I made this for a one day project about types and opposites. this is the "yeah man"type.
you can't really see with the scan but it's made with bendable wire.



This is 2 poster illustrations I made for a project about quotes. 
"so many men, so many opinions, everyone has his own fancy" from Terence, the play writer.
click on the image for a bigger/more fantastic version.